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The city and the Territory
With a total area of 17.37 square kilometers, Casalecchio di Reno is one of the smallest municipalities of the Bologna district. It has a good geographical position and the territory is partly flat, partly hilly, with slopes not higher than 400 meters.
The city is divided in two by the Reno river and lies besides the Guardia Hill (also called San Luca Hill), partially bounded by the Eremo Hills (Capra Mountain), the closest hills to the Emilian Apennines.
Apart from the Reno, which flows through Casalecchio for a length of 3 km, other smaller rivers are: the Bolsenda, running down from the Nugareto, the Asino, coming down from the Eremo hills, the Ceretolo, which descends from Tizzano hill and the Pizzacchera, descending from San Luca.
Casalecchio is about 60 meters above the sea level and the climate is mainly continental with rain, fog and snow in winter. The weather is hot, often muggy in summer, somewhat mitigated by the surrounding hills.
Casalecchio borders south on the city of Sasso Marconi, east and north on Bologna and west on the city of Zola Predosa.
The territory of the Municipality with its 1,737 acres stayed the same since 1828, when it was divided into four fractions: the Center, Ceretolo, Tizzano and Croce. Today there are seven areas of Casalecchio: Marullina/Calzavecchio, Center/Ronzani, Garibaldi/Piave, Ceretolo on the Bazzanese road bordering the municipality of Zola Predosa, Croce on the Porrettana road towards Bologna on which it borders, San Biagio, also situated on Porrettana road south towards Sasso Marconi, and Meridiana (the first settlements in this area dating back to the first '90).
Casalecchio is an important district center for: school services (8 nurseries, 3 secondary schools, 3 high schools and a half public half private Ltd. for the school meals management), health services (headquarters of the Casalecchio District, Assisted and housecare Nursing Homes), social-care services (7 social centers with over 3,000 members, 2 day care centers and many volunteers' associations), sports services (30 sports clubs involving over 10,000 members, 3 pools, 1 sports hall) and cultural services (one Theatre, one Youth Centre, the "House of Knowledge" library).
Casalecchio is also the fourth industrial hub of the district and one of the most important commercial core of the region, with two shopping malls, hypermarkets, a large network of shops and services in the city center and quarters (gyms, cinemas, sports hall), with the industrial zone on Via del Lavoro and the craftwork areas of Faianello and Bastia. The business center, which combines the area of Zola Predosa and Sasso Marconi, contains about 5,500 companies amounted to 6.2% of the district with about 17,000 employees. The most important sectors are the wholesale and retail trade (30%), followed by the real estate activities and new technologies (20%), the building trade and the manufacturing activities (15 and 12%).

stemma comune Coat of arms of Casalecchio di Reno

Granted in 1851 and recognized with a Government Decree in 1928, thus described:
" In its 1st part, halfdivided, having a trunk-form, on a blue backround, a silver cross on a round shield of the Virgin Mary with the Child;
in the
2nd silver part there is a golden lion holding a spear with a silver-red flag, bearing the black inscription libertas;
in the 3rd part we have the skyline and the castle battlement above the coast, on white backround."


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